DDoS Protection System

  • Instant & Automated mitigation of a any size of DDOS attack using spare bandwidth of Community.
  • Revenue generation for all - Sharing its AI learning or Bandwidth.

Intelligent Firewall

  • A decentralized, Globally distributed firewall & security system.
  • Use of “Collective Intelligence” -Individual devices shares its AI learning with others to protect them.

Edge Computing

  • Next generation of cloud computing - Distributed Cloud.
  • New revenue opportunities - from different stream - 2500 B$ market by Year 2030.
  • Huge demand for IoT, AR, Gaming, Autonomous systems, Web3 as well tradition cloud.

What We Do?

At IOPS we deliver you a high-end DDoS defense mechanism that is capable to secure your IT infrastructure and make it function more smoothly by mitigating different types of DDoS attacks

DDoS Mitigating Process

Features of IOPS

Community driven approach

Enhanced Capacity of Protection to Mitigate DDoS attacks by using our Community Driven Approach through Principle of Participation.

Cutting Edge Patented Technology

IOPS through a Novel Patented Protocol using Artificial Intelligence which not only capture DDoS attack pattern but also provide real time protection from such attacks.

Pay as you go Model

With this model, you will pay based on usage, which makes it cheaper and more flexible.


IOPS mitigate DDoS attack of any intensity with its Community network of Tier 3 & Tier 4 Datacenters which act as backbone & allows our model to absorb an attack of any size and minimize the impact on your service. 

Ensure seamless service availability with IOPS

Advance Attack Protection

IOPS uses AI/ML architecture to monitor & study traffic behaviour and alert the system if any anomalous activity is detected.


Continuous Learning

IOPS learns traffic patterns to differentiate between legitimate traffic volume and attacks. Over time, it can build attack pattern automatically which protect your system from same attack.


Constant Attack Assessment

Through its Continuous Evaluation of system’s traffic to detect threat and vulnerabilities, IOPS discover and mitigate any attack prior to its occurrence.


Fully Managed Security Service

Real-time support to solve any query by IOPS Emergency Response Team.


Network Protection

Protection from Attacks at L3-L7 OSI, By mitigating large-scale targeted DDoS attacks on network infrastructure.


InterConnected DataCenters

Highly secure and available data centers around the world are connected to each other in our community driven model.



No hidden charges

For DDoS Protection, there are no hidden charges while selecting a DDoS protection plan. Customers can enable DDoS on any public IP resource.

Analytics & Reports

Analysing attack data and proposing solutions on periodic basis with data driven decision support.

Autonomous Mitigation

As IOPS offers autonomous mitigation, you will not need to call on your IT team to intervene during an attack. No matter what the nature or size of the attack is, all mitigation is done automatically.

Comprehensive Solution

Among its features, IOPS offers customisation, flexibility, reliability, time management, and other crucial components for an efficient DDoS mitigation protection.

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Comparative Analysis between IOPS & others

Product TypeCommunity Driven ApproachProprietary Product
Maximum CapacityUnlimited (As per Community)Limited (Less than 130 DC)
Who EarnsMostly Community as well small percentage to IOPSOnly Company
Subscription Cost to CustomerFree to JoinMinimum 3000 USD per month
Cost of ProtectionVery Less10x of IOPS price

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Protection up to 10GB- $99 USD/m

Get Paid by Selling Your Unused Bandwidth

Our Expert Team

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Naveen Sharma

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Apurv Bordia

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Olga Fleming

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Chirag Goyal

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